The Business of Our Community


Quakers conduct business primarily through committees.  These are our committee pages. Content within the committee pages is restricted to members and attenders of Beacon Hill Friends Meeting. Each committee may choose what things they wish to share here. Click the picture for the committee to go to its page. You will be asked to log in to see the pages.

Young People's Ministry and Education is in charge of providing a learning environment for young and very young Friends.

The history of Friends still speaks to us. We are the proud recipients of that history and we embrace its greatness and its flaws. But we must not allow ourselves as Friends to believe that the wonderful work of previous generations speaks for us today. We are called now - women and men with children, homes, jobs, bills, and all other worldly concerns and responsibilities - just as previous generations of Quakers were called upon in the past. This involves spirit-led discussions and explorations of various topics and engaging in various service activities and actions relating to Quaker witness.

The meeting begins with silence. When the Clerk judges the time is right, he or she summarises the agenda before the meeting, provides any necessary background information, and lays the first item before the meeting. People rise to speak, one at a time. Each item concludes with the agreeing of a minute of the meeting's decision. When the business is complete there is another period of silence. The meeting is formally concluded with a handshake.

The purpose of the Beacon Hill Friends Meeting Forum is to support our community in long form discussions centered around specific areas of interest.